Friday, 16 September 2016

MODIStsp: a new "R" package for MODIS Land Products preprocessing

In this post, we are introducing MODIStsp, a new  "R" package allowing to automatize the creation of time series of rasters derived from Land Products data derived from MODIS satellite data (;
Development of MODIStsp started from modifications of the ModisDownload "R" script by Thomas Hengl (, and successive adaptations by Babak Naimi ( Their functionalities were gradually incremented with the aim of:
  1. Developing a standalone application allowing to perform several preprocessing steps (e.g., download, mosaicking, reprojection and resize) on all available MODIS land products by exploiting  a powerful and user-friendly GUI front-end;
  2. Allowing the creation of time series of both MODIS original layers and additional Quality Indicators (e.g., data acquisition quality, cloud/snow presence, algorithm used for data production, etc. ) extracted from the aggregated bit-field QA layers
  3. Allowing the automatic calculation and creation of time series of several additional Spectral Indexes starting form MODIS surface reflectance products

Installation and usage

Detailed installation instructions and notes on use of the package, can be found in the main github page of the package ( and in the package's vignette.

Basic interactive usage

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Welcome to this blog !

Hi all,

   I'll use this blog to share posts mostly related to tips and tricks about satellite image analysis in "R", as well as to share interesting resources concerning "R" programming in general and Spatial Processing in particular.